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Amateur Radio Classes


The Mississauga Amateur Radio Club offers courses in amateur radio for aspiring hams, leading to your qualification as a licensed amateur radio operator. Morse Code proficiency is no longer required to obtain your license although MARC still offers instruction in CW for those interested in this mode of operation.

Basic Theory Amateur radio operator classes are held every Monday, except Thanksgiving, starting on September 10th, 2018. The registration fees include a full year club membership, registration, course and examination. Registration cost is the sum of the individual fees as follows:

Course Fee:$30 per person.
Membership Fee:$40 per person ($35 for RAC members). Additional family members residing in the same household are free.
Study Guide:$50 (Optional).

The Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide is used in the course. They can be purchased individually at Radioworld on Steeles. For those unable to purchase the guide books themselves, please let us know in advance of the registration and we will purchase them for you.

The course content includes basic radio theory, antennas, propagation, operating, plus international and domestic radio regulations. Practical on air experience will be part of the course including visits to the MARC Club Station and optional pairing of students with active amateur radio operators (Elmers).

Due to the demand for our courses, and the limited number of eats available, registration is now conducted online. To register for the course, Click here

Please Note: Please register using the above link. Walk-in registrations will only be accepted if seats are available after online registrations have been handled. When you register, you will be sent a form to print, fill out, and bring to the first class

Registration processing and the first class is Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 7:00 PM. This year, we are holding our classes at the Red Cross O-zone Building at 5700 Cancross Ct. Mississauga in the Peel Training Room.

The basic theory course starts at 7:00 PM and runs until about 9:00 PM. Click here to see the course schedule. The exam date to be determined will be held in the classroom. There is no examination fee as all costs are covered by your MARC membership. We will be teaching for about 10 weeks and class duration will be about 2 hours per session.

This year MARC will again be offering an Advanced Course starting in January 2019. The course will be held at the Red Cross O-zone Building at 5700 Cancross Ct. Mississauga in the Peel Training Room.

The classes will be held Monday evenings from 7:00 PM and run for approximately two hours per session. The prerequisite training for this course is that you are a licensed Amateur Radio or have successfully completed the MARC Basic Class. Advanced Qualification allows you to transmit with more power, build your own transmitter equipment and operate/control club repeater stations. This course will be of interest to those who love detailed electronic theory or are looking for a personal challenge. The fee structure is the same as the basic course above. The new Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Guide will be used as the study text. You can purchase this from Radioworld on Steeles. We will not be suppling the study guide. The course will run until March and Industry Canada examination fees will be covered by your club membership.

MARC may hold a Morse Code (CW) class beginning in January if there is sufficient interest. The Morse Code course fee is $15.00 and we ask that you become a member of the Mississauga Amateur Radio Club to take the CW course. All CW examination costs are covered by your membership dues.

On the MARC Yahoo group, in the files section under "CW", you will find some useful information. Lessons will be posted as we go along. Students need to bring pencils, paper.

Don't buy a key. Learn first by hearing.

The course instructors are:

Basil VE3JEB for Basic Theory and is our education manager.
Ed VA3TPV for Basic Theory,practical HF training and on air labs.
Michael/VE3TKI for practical HF training and on air labs.
Basil/VE3JEB for Advanced Theory.
Basil/VE3JEB for CW.

Industry Canada examinations will be conducted by club accredited examiners as part of the course.

For More Information

For more information on may of the above courses or to pre-register for the Advanced or Morse Code courses, please contact Basil/VE3JEB at bmburgess @ (remove blanks).